About Spot Cargo Insurance

Shippers, freight brokers and freight forwarders use FreightGuard to provide ALL Risk loss or damage protection on cargo in transit. For high value freight, they cannot rely on traditional motor truck cargo policies that contain numerous exclusions and claim conditions. Often times, settlement is based on weight. Pennies on the pound.

FreightGuard provides a significantly broader form of coverage which is in the name of the party who actually owns the cargo. When a claim occurs, you don't have to prove who was responsible for the damage or theft - only that it took place during the insured transit.

Spot cargo insurance is often referred to as freight insurance, per load cargo insurance, shipping insurance, trip transit insurance, spike cargo insurance, single trip cargo insurance, moving insurance, and cargo rider insurance. This is not the same as excess cargo insurance or gap cargo insurance. FreightGuard provides first dollar protection for your freight shipment.

You can rely on FreightGuard to protect your valuable cargo. It's FAST...CONVENIENT...and AFFORDABLE!

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