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My carrier has insurance. Why do I need FreightGuard coverage when the carrier has Cargo Insurance in effect?
Freight carriers maintain Cargo Liability insurance for the cargo they haul, but this coverage is limited in the protection it provides for cargo shippers. A motor carrier's insurance protects the carrier, not the cargo shipper. It will pay only if the carrier is legally liable for the loss or damage to the cargo.

The carrier's cargo liability policy will often have limitations on the value of the load, type of commodity, time of day of the loss, and whether the operator was attending the vehicle at the time of the loss. It may also restrict or exclude coverage for theft. Carriers can also limit their liability to a shipper under a tariff to as little as $0.50 per pound. Also, motor carrier insurance may or may not be paid up and in full-force at the time of your loss.

Cargo insurance through FreightGuard is a significantly broader form of insurance called "direct physical loss or damage" insurance. Coverage is in the name of the cargo owner. The carrier does not have to be liable for our insurance to pay. With FreightGuard, when a claim occurs you don't have to prove who was responsible for the loss or damage in order to be reimbursed.
How much insurance should I purchase?
Valuation is based on CIF + 10% (Cost, Insurance, Freight + 10%).
Can I buy insurance and transfer coverage to my consignee?
The cargo insurance certificate you purchase through provides that claims are payable to the "Assured or order". This means that the named insured on the certificate may endorse the original document over to the consignee. The consignee then becomes the bearer of the insurance document and is able to file a claim directly with the insurance company.
What do I do if I need to change details on the certificate of Insurance?
To request changes to be made to your insurance certificate, please contact us. Please note, some changes may result in a change in premium.
How do I file a claim?
Each insurance certificate contains full claim filing instructions, including contact information for the claim settling agent. You may also contact FreightGuard at (866) 748-4200 for assistance in filing a claim.
What do I do if my shipment is cancelled?
If your shipment is cancelled for any reason, contact us at (866) 748-4200. FreightGuard will take care of cancelling the insurance. Premium will be refunded back to your credit card minus a 5% cancellation fee (minimum of $15). The cancellation fee is applicable to all cancellations other than FreightGuard's inability to insure the commodity.

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